Made tortas at home today.

Taco meat, hot chorizo, and al pastor pork… Mayonesa, lettuce, little dab of guak I made, jalapeños, and a little squirt of lime.

Made tortas at home today.

Taco meat, hot chorizo, and al pastor pork… Mayonesa, lettuce, little dab of guak I made, jalapeños, and a little squirt of lime.

Al Pastor quesadilla…

Al Pastor quesadilla…

Random Vietnamese Food.

Thang Long
27641 John R Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 547-6763

QQ Bakery
30941 Dequindre Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 588-9899

Pho Hang
30921 Dequindre Rd
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 583-9210

Holy shit. Vietnamese food is so god damn good. I’m kinda new to the experience, though so bear with me.

A couple years back, me and the wifey went to visit my parents in Florida. While we were there, we visited Orlando, first to go to a Serpentarium, second to visit a friend of mine, and third, to sight-see. After a long fun day, we required nurishment, my friend told us a general direction to head in the city, and we meandered our way through a rather culturally diverse area of Orlando. I bumped into a random FX crew production wall, saw quite a few nice handytags/stickers/scrawlings… and finally, me and my girl found ourselves standing in front a vientnamese restaurant. This place had a pretty gnarly lit up sign, that bitch was casting shadows on everything on the corner man, like blinding light. Neither of us knew what we were doing, we both winged it, and ended up experiencing one of the more delicious adventures we had ever had.

When we got home, both of us new we would have to find vietnamese grub in Michigan… surprisingly enough, it was not difficult. So far I’ve tried quite a few different spots, but these few, seem to take the cake. Vietnamese food in general is a contstant learning experience for me, so hey, I could be wrong on some aspects.

Thang Long is killer, my wife hates it though for some reason, I think it’s because it’s always a pretty kooky experience every time we visit. I pretty much stick with the curry beef w/ vermicelli, but I’ve had their pho, it’s pretty good, but more of a winter time food for me. Thang long also has jackfruit smoothies, seriously, it tastes like a caramelized peach shake, PIFF. The people who work there are pretty strange, there’s a lady, she’s really cool, but the other ones are pretty odd, fun, if you’re baked.

QQ Bakery has to be one of the best places I’ve been in quite some time for trying something I have no knowledge about. I mean, most places I can find something associative, so I can say “oh well, I like that, so this might be good…” I don’t often find myself drawing a blank when I see a menu, so when I do, 99% of the time, I’ll get it just to experience it. TARO… that’s all I gotta say dude, fuckin’ taro. Shit is like a sugar cookie milk shake. I saw people with random cups of purple smoothy lookin’ stuff, I peeped the menu, all familiar except one thing, Taro, I ordered it, and sure as shit, they gave me a gleaming cup of purple. I like bubble tea, and pretty much every form of asian drink I’ve had, but this has to be the greatest of them all. Delicious cookie-flavor shakes aside, this place has all sorts of delectables to gawk at and try. Go there for shits and giggles, you’ll have fun. Beware, they only accept cash, but if you’re caught off guard they’re pretty cool about it.

Pho Hang, man, this so far has been the top dog of all the places I’ve tried. The other night I got the house special vermicelli noodle, GOT DAMN. They make this ground shirmp on a sugar cane stick thing there, and put it in with your noodles! Seriously I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this place. It’s always packed with happy people, the food is always extrememly fresh and comes out fast, the waitstaff is uber-polite, including the man who’s always there, seems to be the head hancho. I’ve yet to try the sugar cane juice they offer, but some day soon I’ll report back my findings.

Honestly, I could go days babbling about these places, flat out, go try them, I’ve sent a few of my friends to these places and have heard nothing but good.

Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant
7278 Dix Street
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 841-3315

For some reason, it seems like the price of taco’s in south-west has gone up over the past couple years. I pretty much only fucked with mexican food from taqueria’s or from a taco truck, but now with the prices going up, I decided it’s time to find a new sit down spot for mexican. I used to crush torta’s from Aranda’s on the reg, they’re essentially my archetype for torta’s. Alas, all good things come to an end, and Aranda’s closed they’re normal location. Now they took over Los Brisas, which totally sucks, for real, that place is terrible, confusing though because Aranda’s was so damn good.

Anyway, once again, I totally smoked away the memory of my first time at this place, so I’m not sure who put me up on it or around what time, but I will say I’ve been going for a couple years now.

Mi Pueblo is big, compared to most restaurants that serve culturally specific foods, this place is huge. With 3 separate dining areas, there’s never been a wait to sit, even when the place is slammed like it usually is. They really like to bump mexican polka there, I dont’ know what it is about that music, it just makes me laugh… maybe it’s the tubas, I dunno.

This place has all the bases covered, standard taco-truck style tacos, ultra dank tortas, jamaica and horchata, carnitas and deliciously greezy al pastor pork. I discovered huaraches here, they’re basically an open face taco with all sorts of goodies. It used to be a regular part of their menu, but now it’s just a monthy special. Let me put you up on game here though, jamaica, not Jamaica the country, jamaica the drink… pronounced “ha-my-ca”. Basically, it’s hibiscus and sugar water. Holy shit that stuff is like nectar of the gods status, get some, drink it, and be happy.

The waitstaff is always polite and quick, and the cash factor is right where it should be, 20$ will get you and your significant other full and psyched, quick. Yeah, I’m sure there are other spots you can go for piff tacos and tortas, but who in their right mind wants to sweat their ass off standing outside eating at a taco truck, when you can sit down in the A/C and get waited on my a cute latina?

Rono’s Caribbean Family Dining
14001 W McNichols Rd
Detroit, MI 48235
(313) 862-1295

When I was in high school, my older brother, Mike, flew everyone in our family down to Jamaica for his wedding. While I was there, I experienced many things, like getting shitfaced mostly… but amongst other things, I found the food to be some of the best I could have. My family made fun of me for wanting to stop at a jerk chicken cart on the street, “it’s jerk cat man, blah blah, you’re gunna get sick” but that shit was unforgettable, I’ve searched high and low… mostly high… but still I’ve yet to find the same thing I experienced there. The jerk chicken I had there, was juicy and greasy to perfection, but with a very distinct spicy rub/crust outside, almost dry, like a forcefield of spice for the juice inside…

Now, a decade and some change down the road, I’ve found a few Jamaican/Caribbean restaurants in Michigan… No, I’ve yet to find the perfect replica of jerk chicken, but I have found some other things that are super delicious. Patties for instance, when I was in Jamaica, I was too busy stuffing my face with chicken to even get to try an offical Jamaican patty, but, from what I’ve had here, and what my friend Donavan has told me, I bet they’re insane.

I used to go to this little place called Jamaica Jamaica, on 7mile, but, now I have found Rono’s, once again, by way of Donavan. The patties at Rono’s are something truly special. From the spices, to the fork marks around the seal of the patty, these are closer to what someone’s family would serve than what restaurants mass-produce. They’re cheap as hell, like a buck something a piece, and about 3 or 4 has me stuffed beyond belief. I can’t describe the spices in the beef mixture inside, but I can tell you the turmeric infused dough is the icing on the cake.

Rono’s offers many other specialties, but I’m a sucker for their patties. As with many other Caribbean restaurants beware of meat that does not specify boneless, it’s not uncommon to get hella bones with whatever meat you order. Their plantains are always on point as well, just sweet enough, greezy enough, and with a perfect crispy seared outside.

I will say, that I’ve had some odd experiences on more than one occasion there, ordering is a little tough, and it will take some time to get your order ready, so I’d suggest calling it in first. Sitting down is an option, but I have only seen the dining room open a couple times, and only sat down once… it was strange to say the least, having my loud ass friend Kazia didn’t help much either.

As always though, a great place to eat, a good adventure, and easy on your wallet.


burger time with the parents!

Jamaican patties and fried plantains from Jamaica Jamaica Restaurant
Random desserts and Taro Smoothie from QQ bakery
hella multi-cultural in this bitch.

Jamaican patties and fried plantains from Jamaica Jamaica Restaurant

Random desserts and Taro Smoothie from QQ bakery

hella multi-cultural in this bitch.